Wednesday, January 9, 2013


yesterday's memories wash ashore like today's dreams on a harbor.
they crash unto my being like hard slaps;
waves of reality
move me at the core.
penetrating my soul
like an astral projection.
i see you're really good at that.

countdown from ten.
still hypnotized,
floating above the waters.
i see where the ocean meets the sun;
where the sun meets the land.
it was sundown and the sky was pink.

do you remember?
remember the time we got married?
you gave me away to yourself in a dream we both had.
we woke up happy.

i casted you out to sea for that pearl in your eyes.
it's lost somewhere between the depths and the skies.
it's got my promise on it.
your promise is my veil,
recalling your love like an echo around my finger.