Monday, June 27, 2011

your eyes are a well

no matter how much you try
to fool me, fool you-
your eyes give it away.
they sing -
tiny daggers through my heart 
from all their beauty
and all their pain. joy. slasher massacre.-
reminding me of how awesome it is
to feel that again;
no more violence for dreams,
your presence disarms me.
your song,
like creeping death at the bottom of a wishing well-
found its way to me
just before your last breath.
just before my last ...

Monday, June 20, 2011

empty lover

find something to fuck.
preferable if it walks.
physically, if i get my way.
a hole or two i can stick my pain through.
makes me feel wanted;
cared for by a dirty slut-
with a fetish for my uncontrollable cock.
i use it to try and find myself, again.
i become a tongue that swallows you whole,
like an ouroborus,
so you can be inside me
and i will carry you around every where i go
like a memory that never happened.

i see pussy.
i'm a titty fucking giant in a room full of lesbians.
don't forget my piss in your mouth, doll.

it's not tourettes.
it's a rainbow full of emptiness.
a facade of being a lover when you're not.
you've convinced yourself love isn't what you want.

so dig deep into whatever passion pit you find
to try and fill that hole inside
where a rotting carcass of who you once were slowly dies.
space. void. null. nothing.
you say nothing.
there is no abyss in your eyes,
just the confusion of someone who isn't sure
about what they believe anymore.
it's your own vulnerability you're afraid of;
the reason why you're a slut,
the reason why i'm a prude.

you just may have found yourself.

LVF © 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Lost & Found video

When I hear this song, I think of horses that will to be unicorns. This sense of impossible 'want' was my latest inspiration to fulfill the longing of this song;' The Lost and Found' by The Green Electribes.

LVF © 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Have You Ever Had A Dream Like This?

""Have You Ever Had A Dream Like This?" was inspired by a little boy with a red shirt on Youtube, who tried his hardest to express that we can truly do anything. The stress and strain to convey such a positive message makes for perfect irony. Remixing and rebuilding a friend's latest track, I added the message, and brought out a covert sexuality in the sound that wasn't there before. The result is the score and the backbone of the film. Tasteful, mesmerizing visuals captivate and accentuate a good thrust. I find that as a female artist, I am drawn to express the power and influence of homoeroticism and fondness for sensuality in my art, often with a hint of humour and inner disturbance."

LVF © 2011

Download CULTURE PROPHET'S original track, here// 

Monday, June 6, 2011

sailing away

...with rose petals.

Photos of a more private nature.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

raw indulgence

Untethered prudence,
rays of fire from your eyes.
tuned into your wonderment,
you find me there.
a holy garden of sensual projection.
ritualistic spontaneity.
transcendental emporium.
sweet fruit and grape vines from Babalon.
I ride the scarlet beast.
you're intoxicated by her motions-
a communion only christ could speak of.
an offering always kept secret.
I dance for you in a room full of banshees.
no one there
but you and I
in the spotlight of each others attraction.
chemicals released to the sound of a tribal drum.
a rite of passage.
the coming of age for a young man who wants to know what it feels like
to be with a woman.
I wear my most primal state with bangles around my collar,
extending my neck like the queens of Padaung
accentuating my beauty like the song of a wild heart,
open and willing to accept you like the wind that takes my body
softly, slowly-
back to the heavens,
where it wishes to stay
as your muse.

LVF © 2011

girl touch.