Tuesday, August 30, 2011

vague poem

gonna write a vague poem
to tie around my finger.
a secret meal.
like a one time birthday wish.

a distance that tears me apart.
there, i saw a vow in your eyes.
it meant more to me than
words drizzled in honey.
but illusion brought me more
than you've ever said to me.

so i dance with the thought of something.
even if it's not you...
rather than complimenting a longing
that only you can endure.

i got tired of being a masochist.
wary of waiting for the sun.
my nature is to love and love, fully.
it's torture to pretend that it's not.

so give me something
because i can't keep it locked.
it's a black box
full of dreams and passionate song.

i took a sledge hammer to pry it open
took a peak of its' beauty
to write you.