Monday, May 13, 2013

the lovers: two united but distinct

i watched you watch me from afar. white light came to me like a loyal servant whose name i called, willing and ready, piercing through my being, showing me who truly is master. the light was my own and yet it came from you as if you live on a star. i stood in the center of an 8 spoke wheel and walked what i thought was a familiar path, only to find you manifest before me in all your glory, illuminating me with your strict judgment, putting me to shame for my lack of faith. i disgusted myself, for i fear your greatness. And i held on to the image of your face unable to cross the abyss without it, for it would have been our annihilation and i'm much too fond of you to leave you for you...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chaos Magick and 11:11 Excerpt from Book 6: LVF // LVX

"...and i can't help but feel that all the ships are assigned by him, that star, that shines and speaks like no other. i see that star in his eye. and when he looked at me, with such intensity that night, it was as if all time stopped. all i could see was a beauty; a terrible, terrifying beauty, a trembling fear, and the twinkling of that star."

Chaos Magick and 11:11
Excerpt from Book 6; LVF // LVX