Saturday, February 16, 2013


my car died.
i was stalled for 2 hours
and yet, there you were.
the work of a cosmic conspiracy.
a higher form of magick that is beyond me.

and i hesitate for a moment
before i walk into the co-creation dream.
im always unsure.
we're both always shook.
our wills, they have a mind of their own.
we manifest one another
but nothing ever changes. 
we still can't face each other.

our conscious is chaotic.
you are my desire and fear incarnate.
my dream and my shadow.
i'm getting to know you on a different level.
you're closer to me than ever
pretending to be strangers.
it sometimes makes it difficult,
remembering time and space.
a tantric dance fueled by the same but opposite natures-
learning the virtues of patience and strength;
the meaning of true love.
it's a passion that creates gammas;
that look in your eyes.
i want to jump in there and kiss you,
let the stars read our story.