Tuesday, September 11, 2012

this, mirror

I never knew you can learn so much from a single person... it happens when you invest everything in them. They wear a charming mask for you; one that's easy to fall in love with...convinces you of his infinite love, and vows to marry you. You love that mask because it makes you laugh and it promises you the world, but eventually, it comes off, and whats behind it is an unshakable fear, and this fear moves you because you see it for what it is, but it's so ugly, he can't even look at himself and gradually, he remembers why he hates his own reflection. It tears you up inside that they had this within all along, and you keep taking them back because they shook your whole foundation, and they made you question love and tested your faith, even made you cry as if mourning which is significant to you. And they say they're changing.. they say they're working it out, and you believe it because you never wanted to see them as anything less than perfect, because you made a pact in each others eyes that all the love you feel together, no matter how dysfunctional, is perfect.

I trained myself just before meeting him that ugliness is beauty and there is no light without darkness.. so I accepted him for who he is, naturally and effortlessly and hoped he'd do the same for me. Unconditionally, is how I loved. Every broken piece of him became my own until I realized he left me shattered... and that is when you realize there's no one there but yourself and it's your own betrayal you manifested.. It was your own conditioning regarding love and beauty that failed you, that failed me. A loss due to the fear of losing each other. And Pain... that sad, decrepit catalyst I adopted as my baby, was our own consensual creation; showing me I know nothing, teaching me how not to be, and reminding me just how human I really am.. and I am thankful for it.