Wednesday, June 1, 2011

raw indulgence

Untethered prudence,
rays of fire from your eyes.
tuned into your wonderment,
you find me there.
a holy garden of sensual projection.
ritualistic spontaneity.
transcendental emporium.
sweet fruit and grape vines from Babalon.
I ride the scarlet beast.
you're intoxicated by her motions-
a communion only christ could speak of.
an offering always kept secret.
I dance for you in a room full of banshees.
no one there
but you and I
in the spotlight of each others attraction.
chemicals released to the sound of a tribal drum.
a rite of passage.
the coming of age for a young man who wants to know what it feels like
to be with a woman.
I wear my most primal state with bangles around my collar,
extending my neck like the queens of Padaung
accentuating my beauty like the song of a wild heart,
open and willing to accept you like the wind that takes my body
softly, slowly-
back to the heavens,
where it wishes to stay
as your muse.

LVF © 2011