Sunday, February 6, 2011

Merciful Fate

I reach out, feel space.
Lost a star to infinity.
Resurrect an Egyptian boy
Who meets me in dreams.
Embody the overwhelming.
Haunting face; desire,
That gives me inspiration
and takes it away by the hour.

Love affair with a memory
Sinking heart skips a beat.
Electrifies my body.
Melts it from the purity.
Change is consuming.
Live to relive that moment.
Untouched, resisting.
Like the passion of gods when they kiss.

Eyes lock.
No glare, read my soul.
We have a match,
So set it on fire
and watch it burn.
Serenade what once was
Everlasting everything.

Place it on the mound-
To sacrifice self-sacrifice
Heal that brutal distance
as I sun-bathe in steam.
Like an ultimate death
when fate is merciful,
Piercing our everyday truth.
A holy mountain of secret worship.

Built it up like a temple
but the sun died in the West.
Like an altar without a god.
or the Mona Lisa kept in a vault.
Collapsing in on itself
is the newborn child.
Breastfeeding my lament.
Wearing a halo as a martyr.
Stroking it is the Mother.