Monday, February 14, 2011

eating our creation

Stir it all up
alpha-bet soup universe.
boiling beauty before it dies.
slowly simmering at the perfect temperature
long enough to melt the letters.

Dropped my own eye in the mixture
for clarity and heart.
add a taste of my own being
to understand what it is i'm eating.

Manna from heaven.
All of nature in a bowl.
penciled in the weather
to make sure you come home.

Sweet fragrance lingers
like a ghost that's always there.
Awaken that hunger,
for synchronized truth.
Love like air,
when you don't have enough to breathe
but are satisfied with that smell.

Sitting at the table,
you out at war,
a candle on the left
and a candle on the right.
we eat our creation
to end our starvation.
a romantic dinner of hope and pain.
Tears in our cups to sprinkle as salt
for all the wisdom we've gained.

Welcome Aletheia.
devour our brood.
I drink her wine till my cup is cleansed again.
That will be the day we make something new again.