Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pale Houses- I am Your Knife

  I am Your Knife- PALE HOUSES (Mat Cothran and iamyourholiness collaboration) by KIDSTVSHOW  

    Pale Houses was a collaboration with Mat Cothran from Coma Cinema and myself in Nov 2009. More than likely this will be the only one of the songs I'll be releasing with the exception of a remix for track 2 with a video. Would have loved to record more with Mat but we decided to part ways for reasons called life is beautiful and terrible and strange, so, with that in mind, i hope you enjoy the track!

***Sports Trivia- iamyourknife was my aol instant messenger name in 1998. It was later changed to iamyourholiness in 2003 when I began recording for the first time and is the name of all my solo projects.