Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No one ever knows anyone

..its effects are going away now...

happy dopamine.
serotonin loves me
with a blindfold on.
ecstasy in my arms
is the surface of things.
kama sutra with potential
only i see.
you think you know me
because i wear clothes
and listen to music.
but i am in skin.
inside my chest-
is more passion than anything
you've ever known.
there's a stranger beating, tearing down
your affair with my persona.
you're on a comfortable high.

it's an overload
of new memories and never ending futures.
worlds that don't exist
and eyes purer than virginity itself.
a chastity belt around your most deepest thoughts;
we have the same taste in movies.
a mother-father god and Nietzsche's no need for relationship
are my pillow.
it will save me from things harder to let go of
than the grip keeping me from falling 20 stories high.
i'm coming down now, on my own
before i meet the ground faster than i met you.
you're welcome to join me
in a bed deep inside her
penetrating within her
my soul wants the core.
if we make it,
we will be what we once were
without the expectations of the drug,
without pretending like we know each other.
it'll give us the chance to do so.