Sunday, January 23, 2011

Venus woman

Walk to the sound of your own slapping cunt
Flapping about like roaring hands ready to applaud for anything.
Oozing your pornography like a marriage vow.
You exist to procreate wet dreams.

Ready Venus woman
loves like a price reduction-
cheap and desperate to go home with you.
Like wine sold out of a box.

I watch you like the twisted voyeur you seek.
Get it out of me when I feel sick.
Finger my anger.
Braid it once in a while.

Manipulation is your best friend.
Seduction, your spoon.
Lies like bat droppings when feasting on berries.
Sincerity like a cloud.

A closet of competition.
Best hump to the finish line.
Lollipops are for winners
in nurses uniforms.

Obey your sex.
Fake tear gallery.
Fucking the camera
for whatever you can sow.

Love like lullabies
is foreign
because of her.
She likes being objectified.

Venus calls it on the phone.
Labels it woman.
Says it's femininity
When it's really just survival.