Friday, May 14, 2010

Chaos Meets Bliss

the universe engraved it
on my pillow
and on my wrist.
i'd kiss it
and would fall into heaven
right before
i'd float into hell.
i never thanked you
because i was too afraid
to feel that good
when all i knew
was the havoc
that i'd open my mouth to.
i never knew you.
but i'm getting to know me.
i thanked every piece of the throat
that broke you down,
that broke me down.
i thanked every spirit of rebellion
that drove you away and sank right back into me.
i thanked every demon i felt i was
and every light she gave me
so that you too, could understand yourself.
i thanked the ground for splitting in two
and holding a promise that one day
i could be just as beautiful as you.