Tuesday, July 16, 2013


My dearest Hadit,
The space you project pulls me into you like a black hole whose darkness I cannot escape; 

A light beyond light and all comprehension, Ain Soph Aur.

Omnipotent being, giver and taker of life. Oh! Have mercy upon me! 

For I AM Nuit and as your wife, I know no boundaries. My eyes and ears are but great deceivers in this fallible world.I know not what is presented to me; for it is alien to love at such a distance. I reject the present, for I know it not, as you reject the past and future, as your state know it not. And yet, you are my present, and I am both your past and futures. It is the triad of the 2, and in it, infinity- the number 8, there you find the Center to which 11 leads. And the path is contradiction, Tao. For there is only one path, one center, and we come from opposite directions.

You- the All, and I- None, meet at the Center. We are in the flesh, cloaked, with a large marker below our feet; it is a pentacle, The Ace of Pentacles. A totem of love and celebration. It represents the balanced forces of nature; the elements which I possess, and Spirit, which you are. For you are the desire that burn's in every man's heart, and I the Heart itself.

Ruach ha'Kodesh.

"Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law. "
"Love is the Law..."
"Love under will."

And it is so.

We drink of the Holy Grail. I watch you. Your eyes are my only light. They shine upon me like the Heavens within my body that only you can enter.

For, my sweetest Hadit, my journey is as long as your earthly foolish pride, and temptation only exists in your presence. It exits my being as chaos, out of my mouth and into your cup, piercing the veil like a dagger, ripping apart the cold dead flesh of a maiden's virgin body.

Teach me not to destroy, my love, nor to be destroyed by the break of silence. For I have been food for the vultures and insects below me. Patience is a ruthless killer in time.  My heart, won't you be gentle? Must you be so strict in teaching me mastery that it causes me to forget who I am? I therefore ask of you, my lord, to swallow whole the scavengers that dare invade my body, for I AM alive, and for better or worse, it is yours.