Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dearest 11,

I AM 11.
The story of Forever.
The Lovers begin their journey.
A beautiful garden. Innocence and youth.
Doubt grows on trees, and I eat of it, we eat of it.
Bound by Karma, the Devil,
I fall unconscious.
I'm awake in this offshoot of life;
it's a Spell.

The Fool must recall, or else he's accursed.
I break the chains,
make my way
towards the Sun,
my will.
It's a dream within a dream.
Transcending this illusion, surely makes us gods.

It's as if aeons have passed,
yet, its been but a day.
The stars remind us of the roles we've played.
But there is a link, called 2 of Disks
it defines our bond,
beyond time, we exist.

And my body lay comatose.
suspended in space
for a sin I did commit,
truly, a Lack of Faith.
and She repeats herself in guises,
but its always the same.
It's what I must transcend,
the idea of pain,
to be worthy of such perfect love
once again.
777, 93 leading the way.

I say unto thee, 11th degree:
'To learn and unlearn one's own faith through me:
And, 'What is Love?'
To prove Eros is as selfless when led by Agape,
for they are One and this is their bond,
this magickal feat that brings us here.
It's a calling many hear but few follow;
It is victory found in defeat.
Therein lies the key.
Is what we see.
We see it in each other,
For we are mirrors.
The connection between The Moon and High Priestess is mine.
It measures the beginning and end of time.
For I attain the Hermit, and he, My Sun.
Transcendence, the alchemical wedding is cure.

Destiny our souls fulfill,
that which leads us is glory;
True Will.
Have faith in Other, and we find within Ourselves
Our Oneness.

Part II:

And when I saw your mark
the flood gates opened,
memory poured through me
coiling up my spine
extending out like Tesla's light,
remembering everything,
everything in time.

You are Hadit,
my habibi forever.
The Holy Ghost who moves me.
You are the embodiment of my love and fear,
the fire of my desire,
the reason for all Being;
My subconscious, and the unconscious made conscious.
I'm beginning to remember,
we're only in my mind.
Therefore, wake me with a quantum kiss
where there is no time.

Liber LVF; LVX