Thursday, March 10, 2011

Love letter to my house plant

Spend some time with your house plants.
Euphoria. Here, and now.
Being. A Universal giver.
Wise and delicate;
Sound friends they are.
Leaves like holy lovers' hands
Grow or die depending on affection.
Give it a name. You sowed it.
Show her your attention.

Tell them you love them
And they're perfect in every way.
Even as it withers slowly,
it will be back again some day.

Tell them
their radiance brings life to every room.
Joy like permanent smiles.
Purifies your breathing space.
Light to the eyes, taste to the mouth.
Grows when you acknowledge it.
Loves you when you come home.
Sings to you in frequencies.
Talks to you by listening.

Sing back with gratitude.
Sun and water because you care.
Feel the connection with this living creature.
Breathe the same air if I could.